Facial Rejuvenation

Aesthetic Medicine is one of the fields where physiological regulating medicine (i.e. homeopathics) expresses itself best. What can be considered as simple aesthetic factors (cellulite, adipose, depositions, skin sagging, etc.) is actually a consequence of a general imbalance involving the body’s terrain systems. Only by recovering the physiological structure of the fat tissue, restoring the endocrine balance, detoxifying the extra cellular matrix, and promoting correct metabolic functioning, can we expect to stimulate and repair the tissues’ tonicity, to eradicate wrinkles, skin sagging, and reduce vascularity.

The composition of the remedies of physiological regulating medicine takes into account the etiopathogenesis evolution of aesthetic degenerative conditions and then employs all the different components required to restore vitality and youthful appearance. The homeopathic injections of Aesthetic Medicine have long-lasting results, without negative side effects or contraindications.

At present physiological regulating medicine is opening a new frontier in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. The requirements of millions of patients looking for real, long lasting and risk-free results can now be satisfied.

Procedure and Standard Protocol

By administering the homeopathic medication into acupuncture points you are actually receiving a “dual” treatment. The homeopathic medication is injected right into the skin matrix where it is needed to do its job. You are also receiving an acupuncture treatment at the same time. Acupuncture facelifts have been gaining popularity over the recent years and are the newest trend for anti-aging in Hollywood. By stimulating the circulation of qi (vital force) and blood in the face you gain a more youthful appearance. The acupuncture points also help to “lift” the qi resulting in less sagging and jowls.

The procedure is quick and simple, with a minimal amount of discomfort. There is also no down time so it’s perfect for people on the go. You can leave the office after treatment and go back to work or play a game of tennis. The protocol consists of one treatment per week for ten weeks. After ten weeks you have reached your end result. This will last for one year at which time you must come in for a tune-up. The tune-up consists of one treatment a week for four weeks.

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